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Message 2: Summer Course in Sami linguistics
Date: 13-Jan-2005
From: Mikael Vinka <mikael.vinka at>
Subject: Summer Course in Sami linguistics

Announcement: Sámi Linguistics, Umeå University

The section for Sámi Studies at Umeå University, Sweden, will give a summer
course in Sámi Linguistics. 13 June - 15 July. The course gives 5 Swedish
credit points (roughly corresponding to 200 hours of total work, including
classes and self-study).

The course will examine syntactic and morphological phenomena in the
Finno-Ugric language North Sámi from generative perspective. The course is
open for undergraduate and graduate students, with or without previous
knowledge in North Sámi. Some previous knowledge in syntactic theory is
desirable. For advanced level students the course will be of interest
because it presents novel facts about an understudied language.

Classes will be given from 8 June 2005 through 23 June 2005.

Structure of the course:

- Descriptive North Sámi Grammar
Introduces the basic properties of spoken and written Sámi.
Instructor: Professor Mikael Svonni

- North Sámi Syntax
Examines the syntactic structure of North Sámi sentences and phrases,
dealing with constituency, wh-dependencies, NP-movement, etc.
Instructor: Assistant Professor Mikael Vinka

- Anaphora in North Sámi
Provides a survey of anaphora in Sámi, such as verbal reflexives and
reciprocals, long distance anaphora.
Instructor: Junior Lecturer Hanna Outakoski

Notice: there is no tuition fee (!). However, participants will have to
fund their accommodation. Unfortunately the university has no guest
dormitories available. Nor can we provide aid to cover travel expenses.

Depending on nationality, a visa may be required to enter Sweden.
Information is available at: <>

Application deadline: 15 March 2005

Application forms will be made available at:

For further inquiries, contact:

Mikael Vinka
Umeå University
Section for Sámi Studies
S-901 87 Umeå
email: mikael.vinka at
phone: +46-90-786 7992
fax: +46-90-786 97 27

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