CFP: Lg and Identity in the Finno-Ugric World

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Call for Papers

Fourth International Symposium on Finno-Ugric Languages in Groningen (The

Language and Identity in the Finno-Ugric World

Groningen, 17 to 19 May 2006

The symposium will deal with the connections between language and identity,
and will look for answers to this question from the perspectives of
linguistics, literary history and cultural history. The main idea is the
question, to which degree language plays a role in the current construction
of identity. In an international and interdisciplinary symposium, which
intends to bring together specialists in Finno-Ugric languages and
neighbouring fields, this question will be approached from different
linguistic and cultural points of view.

No matter what nature the answer to this question may be, it can also give
important information on the future of Finno-Ugric Studies as a discipline
at European universities.

Especially in the Age of Globalisation in which all Finno-Ugric languages
are exposed to either European or (Great) Russian tendencies towards
unification, this problem appears to be of burning topical importance. For
example, an answer has to be found to the following questions:

– Which place does the native language have in defining one’s identity?

– What makes Livonians Livonians, since they converse in Latvian?

– Are Erza Mordvins?

– Is Hungarian an obstacle or an advantage in the European integration?

– How many loanwords can a language stand and remain itself?

– To what degree is Estonian still Finno-Ugric?

– How Finnish is Nokia?

– Do I speak Veps, Carelian or Ingrian? And how do I know that?

The symposium languages are English and German. Scholars who wish to offer a
paper at this symposium are invited to submit a title and brief outline (250
words) to the organising committee not later than 30 September 2005. The
papers will be 20 minutes in length. With discussion included, each speaker
will have 30 minutes at her/his disposal. The organisers plan to publish a
selection of the papers from the symposium in the series Studia Fenno-Ugrica

The conference fee is € 30.

Organising committee:

Cornelius Hasselblatt (chairman), Ágnes de Bie-Kerékjártó, Rogier Blokland,
Mária Czibere, Adriaan van der Hoeven, Tette Hofstra, Jolanta Jastrzębska


Department of Finno-Ugric languages and cultures

University of Groningen

P.O. Box 716

9700 AS Groningen

The Netherlands
Fax: +31 50 363 5821, E-mail: FU2006 at

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