LENCA-3 2nd call for abstracts

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Dear All,

with usual apologies for cross-postings, I forward the 2nd call to the 3rd
LENCA symposium (below, in English), the deadline for abstracts now
approaching (15 Dec.). For the Russian-language version of the call and for
other information please visit the conference website
(http://www.lenca3.siblang.org , mirror site in English only at
http://www.ling.helsinki.fi/uhlcs/LENCA/LENCA-3/lenca-3.html ).

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Full Title:     The Grammar and Pragmatics of Complex Sentences in Languages
spoken in Europe and North and Central Asia (LENCA -3).
Date:     27-Jun-2006 - 30-Jun-2006
Location:     Tomsk, Russia
Contact Persons:   Elizaveta Kotorova, Andrey Filchenko, Pirkko Suihkonen
Meeting Email:   tomsk at eva.mpg.de
Conference Web Site (Eng/Rus): www.lenca3.siblang.org
Mirror Site (Eng only):

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics; Pragmatics; Syntax; Semantics,
Complex Sentence.  
Call Deadline: 15-Dec-2005

Meeting Description:     The organizing committee of the third international
symposium on the languages spoken in Europe  and North and Central Asia
(LENCA) to be held at Tomsk State Pedagogical University, Tomsk,  Russia, on
June 27-30, 2006, announces the SECOND CALL FOR ABSTRACTS for LENCA-3.
The LENCA-1 symposium on the languages belonging to the LENCA-group was held
at the Udmurt  State University, I?evsk, Udmurtia, Russia in 2001. The topic
of the first symposium was ³Deixis and  quantification in languages spoken
in Europe and North and Central Asia². The LENCA-2  symposium took place at
the Kazan State University in 2004, with the theme ³Argument structure  and
grammatical relations².  The theme of the LENCA-3 symposium centers on
structural and semantic features of complex  sentences: different strategies
of subordination and coordination employed by languages, their  geographic
distribution and historical development, discourse-pragmatic features of
their usage as a  means of ensuring inter-clausal coherence, i.e. the
semantic-pragmatic connectivity of the  functional dimension of event
integration vis-à-vis the syntactic dependency (grammatical bonds) of
clause integration.  It is anticipated that a number of presentations will
deal with these various aspects of complex  sentences from a Siberian areal
perspective. That is, the conference aims to encourage the  development of a
local typological view of complex sentences in languages native to Western
and  Central Siberia (such as Khanty, Selkup, Nenets, Evenki, Ket, Siberian
Turkic, etc.), as well as the  investigation of possible influences from
areal contacts.   The scale, depth, terminology, and methodology of existing
descriptions in this area vary  considerably, and with this in mind one of
the objectives envisioned for the symposium is to  facilitate a negotiation
of theoretical frameworks, methodologies, terminologies, and data as a
prerequisite for further advancing of the topic. To this end, both a general
typological and a  historical perspective as a means to inform this
discourse will be welcomed.         

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