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Dear All,

forwarded, with usual apologies, a symposium call -- below the text in
English and links to English and Russian texts.

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> The Institute of Language, Literature and History of the Karelian
Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the State Committee of
the Republic of Karelia on Ethnic Policy Issues, the Ministry of Education
and Youth Issues of the Republic of Karelia, the Finno-Ugric Consultative
Committee, the Karelian Institute of Teachers Skills Upgrading, the
Republican Centre of Ethnic Cultures, together with participation of the
regional public organizations of indigenous peoples, hold an international
conference "The problems of endangered native languages' teaching: theory of
and practice in creating textbooks and teaching materials of new generation"
from 6 to 9 November 2005 in Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia.
> The Conference participants are invited to give presentations on the
following issues:
> Analysis of possibilities and opportunities, provided by the Russian
legislation and the norms of international law on the languages and
education for the preservation, studying and development of the languages of
the peoples of Russia;
> Information about activities of federal and regional authorities on
creating conditions for preservation, studying and development of the
endangered languages of the peoples of the Russian Federation in the system
of education, including:
> - languages' usage in the pre-school education;
> - organization of languages' studying within the framework of optional
> - organization of languages' studying within the framework of curricula at
all the stages of schooling: in the preparatory classes, if available, in
the primary (1-4 forms), secondary (5-9 forms), high (10-11 forms) schools;
> - practice and problems of textbooks, teaching and auxiliary aids and
materials' development for pre-schoolchildren, pupils, students, who have
poor or no command of the ethnic languages;
> - practice and problems of developing teaching, teaching and methodical,
and scientific and popular literature on the history and culture of the
peoples, whose languages are endangered, for schools, vocational schools,
colleges and higher educational establishments;
> - problems of endangered languages teachers' training;
> Making the scientific researches of the endangered languages more active,
use of the scientific researches' results in the practical activities on
organization of the languages' teaching-learning process at educational
establishments of various levels;
> Use (systematization, transfer to the modern information holders) of the
archival language materials (manuscripts, audio, video) in the research and
teaching activities;
> Use of modern technologies when organizing the endangered languages'
teaching-learning process;
> Consideration of possibilities of using foreign experience in the revival
of the languages used to be endangered.
> Within the framework of the Conference the following Seminars will be
> · On acquaintance with the provisions of the European Charter of Regional
Languages and Languages of the Minorities, due to the preparatory works for
its ratification by the Russian Federation, and other international
documents in the minorities and indigenous peoples' language rights
protection field;
> · On the usage of progressive foreign languages teaching methods when
teaching the possibly endangered languages of the minorities and indigenous
peoples of Russia;
> The discussions will result in recommendations made for the federal and
regional authorities, responsible for the realization of the constitutional
guarantees on preservation and development of the languages of the peoples
of Russia.
> You are kindly asked to inform of your participation in the Conference
indicating the title of presentation and forward the Registration
Form/required information to the address below by 10 September 2005:
> 2 Lenin Square, Petrozavodsk, 185620, Republic of Karelia, Russia
> Tel./fax: (+78142) 76-46-89
> E-mail: nevond at, Ms. Evgeniya A. Shustova
> The Registration Form is enclosed.
> The Organizing Committee
> Title, Name and Surname:
> City, Country:
> Organization/Affiliation, Post:
> Degree, Academic Rank:
> Contact Information (postal address, telephone, e-mail, fax):
> Title of Presentation or Poster:
> Information about the participation conditions will be circulated when the
Conference Programme is finally formed.

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