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Dear All,

forwarded, with apologies for cross-postings, a posting by Esa-Jussi
Salminen on the URAL-LISTA list (below, mostly in Finnish), summing up the
essential information on the Finno-Ugric language courses organized in
Russia this year. In brief (please feel free to correct if you find any
- Udmurt courses in Udmurtia organized every year since 2001. For this
year's courses, see information below in English (the Russian part in E-J
Salminen's original message deleted, as the Cyrillic characters did not come
through to me)
- Mari summer school in Mari, in 2006 for the third time? (For more
information see [in English].)
(Registration deadline for both this year's courses is 1 May, approaching
- Erzya and Moksha courses were planned in 2003 but never took place (due to
lack of interest?).

Participants' reports have appeared at least in "Alkukoti"
( , by E-J Salminen and Helen
Kõmmus) and in the bulletin of the M. A. Castrén Society
( ). Does anybody know about other
media echoes?

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Von: E-J Salminen <e-j.salminen at>
Antworten an: E-J Salminen <e-j.salminen at>
Datum: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 13:46:38 +0200 (CEST)
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Betreff: [ural] etasukukielten kesakurssit venajalla udmurtti

Viela on aikaa pistaa vauhtia fennougristiikan opintoihin tai hankkia
itselle vaikkapa huvittava harrastus ja ilmoittautua udmurtin tai marin
kielen kurssille, tai perati molemmille.
Etasukukielten kesakurssien historia lyhyesti:
1. udmurtiassa vuodesta 2001 joka vuosi, vuoden 2006 kurssit siis jo
2. Marissa vuonna 2002, 2003, vuonna 2004 ei osallistujia, vuonna 2005
peruttiin. Vuoden 2006 kurssit siis III
3. Ersan ja mokshan kursseja aiottiin jarjestaa vuonna 2003, mutta
ilmeisesti osanottajien puutteesta hankkeesta lienee luovuttu.
4. Marissa on aiottu pitaa myos hantin kursseja marin ohella
Salminen, E-J: Udmurtin kielen kesakurssit Udmurtiassa, Alkukoti 4
Salminen, E-J: Marin kielen kesakurssit Joshkar-Olassa, M. A.
castrenin seuran jasentiedote 1 2005
Kqmmus, Helen: Mita kuuluu, udmurttikyla? Alkukoti 7, s. 30
Lisaksi Helen varmaan on kirjoittanut kokemuksistaan myos Virossa.

Tassa taman vuoden udmurtin kurssista viela. Ilmoittautuneita on jo
jonkin verran, joten kurssit totetutuvat. Suomesta ei tosin ole viela

                                            DEAR FRIENDS!

    The Udmurt State University, the Faculty of Udmurt Philology are
organizing summer courses of Udmurt under the program The Udmurt
language and the culture of the Udmurts, which will be held 27.07.
?16.08.2006. The courses will provide teaching at the beginners? and
advanced levels. The program of both levels will contain lectures (44h)
and practical lessons (58h).
    Besides classes an entertainment program is being planned.
    The cost of the courses will make 220 EURO, including expenses for
board (3 meals a day) and lodging as well as an entertainment program.
    Applications to the courses are received till 01.05.2006 to the
following address:
Ul. Universitetskaya, 1
Izhevsk 426034
e-mail: finnugor at
dmitjef at, Dmitrij Jefremov
natkon at, Natalja Kondratjeva

    The rules of making an invitation through The Ministry of
                                          International Affairs

Required data for making an invitation:

?  Last and first names as they are put in the passport
?  Date of birth
?  Number of the passport
?  Dates of validity of the passport
?  Place of employment
?  Occupied position
?  Home address
?  The place where the invited person will receive a visa in his/her
country (the name of the city where the Embassy or the Consulate is
?  Dates of stay in Russia
?  The aim of visit to UdSU
?  Do you speak Udmurt?
?  Attach the copy of your passport (the page with your photo)

Esa-Jussi Salminen
Udmurtian valtionyliopiston kieliassistentti
Finn kylja dyshetis'

Udmurt kun universitet
Udmurt kylosburja pakul'tet
Ogja no pinn-ugor kyltodonja kapedra
Unversitet ur. 1
426 034 Izhkar
Udmurt El'kun
tel. +7 3412 916 170 (työ, uzhan inty)
/+7 3412 78 56 91 (asunto, ulon inty)

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