Adobe may abandon Mari, Udmurtian and Komi letters in new Cyrillic character set

Johanna Laakso johanna.laakso at
Fri Aug 4 14:22:37 UTC 2006

>From Juhani Lehtiranta (juhani.lehtiranta at :

A famous software company Adobe is going to introduce a new Cyrillic
character set, which will include many additional characters for some
major languages applying the Cyrillic script.

In the list there are named several languages, but some important
minority languages of the Russian Federation are missing: Mari languages
and Udmurtian. There are also some in the document mentioned languages,
which Adobe will not support: e.g.. Bashkir, Chuvash and Komi-Zyryan and

Please read this blog:

Now it's possible to give feedback to Adobe. I personally think, that
the only sustainable solution is to support the whole Cyrillic character
set. You can not simply pick your favorite minority languages and
abandon the other.

Juhani Lehtiranta

Thomas Phinney wrote:

>OpenType list address: opentype-list at
>Adobe has been planning a slight extension to our Cyrillic character
>set, which would be used in most new Cyrillic fonts, and perhaps to
>retrofit a couple of the old ones. I've posted an explanation and
>details on my blog, here:
>I'm also collecting suggestions for further additions to our extended
>Latin character set. Details are in the same post, including how to
>suggest further additions.
>Comments on both are welcome!
>Thomas Phinney
>Program Manager
>Fonts & SING Technologies
>Adobe Systems
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