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                       The information letter

                              Dear sirs!

The Ministry of Culture and National politics of the Komi Republic is
holding the 2nd republican scientifico-practical Internet-conference
"Ethnos and the Government: modern ethnopolitical process".

The conference is managed to be hold in the Internet. In February 2006 on the main plenary reports of the Ministry of Culture and
National politics of the Komi Republic, of the Institute of Language,
Literature and History, of the Institute of economico-social and energy
problems, of the Interregional Public Union - International Association of
Finno-Ugric peoples - will be published.

The discussions of the main reports will  be holding from February till

Your suggestions, comments, reports and speech, within the topic bounds,
will be gathered on depnatspol at Your reports should be:

- 4 pages long
- Word 97
- 1,5 interval
- 12 type.

Under the results of is the conference the materials are managed to be

On the conference the following problems are supposed to be discussed:

- ethnic-evolutional and ethnic-transformation processes in Komi Republic;
- government's activity and other subjects of the civil society on the
establishing of the language status in society  (the Government's linguistic
- the influence of the migratory processes on ethnopolitical processes:
present situation and ontogenesis.
- Legislative securing in national State policy realization: international
documents, legislation and  problems of  the normative-legal base formation
on the subjects' level.

You can contact on:
The Department of the national politics of the Ministry of Culture and
National politics of the Komi Republic: 167010, Syktyvkar,
Communisticheskaya str. 8.
Phone: 8 -8212 -24-57-12
Fax: 8-8212-24-57-78.
e-mail: depnatspol at

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