Workshop on Saami Documentation and Revitalization

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Betreff: Saamelaiskielten dokumentointi- ja revitalisointityöpaja


Tiedoksenne alla oleva tiedote Tromssassa järjestettävästä työpajasta
saamelaiskielten dokumentoimisen ja revitalisoinnin edistämiseksi.

terv. Jussi Ylikoski


The University of Tromsø is pleased to host a Workshop on Saami
Documentation and Revitalization, February 28-29, 2008. In addition to
discussing these important issues, the workshop will have a focus on
collective grant applications and will include work sessions towards that

The following three speakers have agreed to hold keynote addresses:

Peter Austin, University of London (SOAS)
Michael Riessler, Humboldt University
Øystein Vangsnes, University of Tromsø

We welcome additional proposals for talks, as noted on the website.

For more information on the structure and content of the workshop, as well
as information on practical details, please visit:

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