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Tue Jul 24 04:35:14 UTC 2007

Please forward this workshop call to anyone who might be interested in 
participating. Detailed questions should be sent directly to either 
Michael Riessler or me.

*Workshop: Functional Approaches to lesser-studied Uralic Languages*
Florian Siegl (University of Tartu)
Michael Riessler (Humboldt-Universtit├Ąt zu Berlin)

Interest in lesser-studied Uralic Languages is rising both within Uralic 
linguistics, linguistic typology and elsewhere. Recent international 
funding of several language documentation projects on endangered Uralic 
languages as well as minor Uralic languages represented in the World 
Atlas of Linguistic Structures (WALS) clearly indicates this. Whereas 
this development sounds promising, minor Uralic languages (languages 
other then Finnish, Hungarian, and Estonian) are still marginally 
represented in general and typological studies and to a large degree 
this coincides with their state of documentation.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers working on 
lesser-studied Uralic languages outside the dominating 
historical-comparative framework. Papers should address functional and 
functional-typological approaches to contemporary languages as well as 
language contact and language change; priority will be given to 
fieldwork based papers addressing Samoyedic, Saami and Ob-Ugric languages.

Presentations will be 30 minutes long followed by 10 minutes for 
questions and discussion. Deadline for submitting abstracts (max. 2 
pages including references) is August 25^th 2007. Abstracts should be 
sent to:

Florian Siegl            florian.siegl at <mailto:florian.siegl at>
Michael Riessler      michael.riessler at 
<mailto:michael.riessler at>

This workshop will accompany the conference Cognitive and Functional 
Perspectives on Dynamic Tendencies in Languages
Tartu, Estonia (29.05. - 01.06.2008)

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