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Johanna Laakso johanna.laakso at univie.ac.at
Thu Jan 24 09:48:57 UTC 2008

Arvoisat kollegat!

Saksassa Munchenissa oleskeleva japanilainen kielentutkija Takahiro NODA
<takahiro_noda at hotmail.com> pyysi minua selivittamaan seuraavanlaisen asian.

Asi on aarmiselt peen ega ma julge midagi selle kohta ytelda. Ma ei ole
kindel isegi sellest, kas tal on oigus jaapani keele kohta ka.

Jos joku suomea ja/tai viroa aindinkielenaan osaava haluaa auttaa hanta,
ole hyva ja vastaa SUORAAN hanelle englanniksi (tai varmaan saksakin kay).


Parhain terveisin,

Kazuto Matsumura
Tokion yliopisto


Thank you very much for helping me with my research. I am doing a
linguistic survey about aspects of verbs of finnish and estonish.
Before answering the questions please read the explanation.  The English
verb "drown" means that someone dies after he or she has suffered from
breathlessness in water and drank too much water. Example: He drowned
in the sea ten minutes after he had fallen in the water. But in Japanese
there is a verb "oboreru". This verb means that someone is drowning in
the water. The action itself "in the water, suffering from breathlessness.
But the result, whether he or she would die or be rescued, is not important.
The Japanese verb "oboreru" is the action itself, suffering in the water.
In English there is a phrase "drowning". Example: He was drowning in
the sea but later he was rescued. In English you can describe the situation
as above but there is no English appropriate verb for "drowing". The Japanese
Verb "oboreru" passes exactly to the meaning of "drowning".

1. Does your language have an appropriate verb for the Japanese verb
"oboreru"? If so, please write the appropriate verb in your language.

2. Does your language have an appropriate verb for the English verb "drown"?

If so, please write down the appropriate verb in your language.

Takahiro NODA <takahiro_noda at hotmail.com>


Kazuto Matsumura

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johanna Laakso
Universit├Ąt Wien
EVSL Abteilung Finno-Ugristik
Campus AAKH Spitalg. 2-4 Hof 7
A-1090 Wien
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