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Subject: One week left for 'early bird' registration for 12th FEL

One week left for Œearly bird¹ registration for 12th FEL Conference!


In September 2008 the FEL will organise its 12th Conference in the
Netherlands in association with the Mercator Research Centre and the Fryske
Akademy. If you register before July 1st, you will get a 50 euro-Œearly
bird¹-discount on the registration fee. So why not visit the website
<>  and register now.


The theme of the conference is Endangered Languages and Language Learning.
The conference is organised and sponsored within the framework of the
jubilee programme KNAW 200. In 2008 the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts
and Sciences (KNAW) celebrates its 200th anniversary, and a large number of
(scientific) activities will be organised throughout the year.

The Foundation for Endangered Languages (FEL) exists to support, enable, and
assist the documentation, protection, and promotion of endangered languages.
One of the ways to achieve this is to gather specialists at conferences,
which have been held every year since 1996, most recently in Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia (2007), Mysore, India (2006), Stellenbosch, South Africa (2005),
and Barcelona, Spain. (2004).


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