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Sorry for cross-postings ‹ the new SKY Journal of Linguistics has appeared,
now available online as well, with quite a few contributions about Finnish
and something about Hungarian, too.

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SKY Journal of Linguistics (20: 2007)

Edited by Pentti Haddington, Leena Kolehmainen, Mari Lehtinen & Jukka
ISSN 1456-8438 (paper)

ISSN 1796-279X (electronic)


A Note from the Editors 5
External Reviewers of SKY JoL 20 (2007) 7


Guy Achard-Bayle: De l'extra- à l'intraprédicatif : polyvalence de Si? 9

Sosei Aniya: Integrated Ambiguity Analysis Model: Detection, Representation
and Optimal Meaning Selection 35

David Boromisza-Habashi: Voice and Moral Accountability: Burlesque
Narratives in Televised Hungarian Political Discourse 81

Pauli Brattico, Alina Leinonen and Christina M. Krause: On the Limits of
Productive Word Formation: Experimental Data from Finnish 109

Samir Diouny: Tense/agreement in Moroccan Arabic: The Tree-Pruning
Hypothesis 141  

Volker Gast: From Phylogenetic Diversity to Structural Homogeneity: On
Right-branching Constituent Order in Mesoamerica171

Elizabeth Hogbin and Jae Jung Song: The Accessibility Hierarchy in
Relativisation: The Case of Eighteenth- and Twentieth-Century Written
English Narrative 203

Vesa Jarva and Samu Kytölä: The Finnish Colorative Construction and
Expressivity 235  

Timo Lauttamus, John Nerbonne and Wybo Wiersma: Detecting Syntactic
Contamination in Emigrants: The English of Finnish Australians 273

Marja Nenonen: Prototypical Idioms: Evidence from Finnish 309

Marc Picard: On Teaching the Pronunciation of Subphonemic Segments in
English 331  

Michaela Pörn: Causative Spatial Expressions in Finnish and Swedish 345

Mari Uusküla: The Basic Colour Terms of Finnish 367

Relja Vulanovic: On Measuring Language Complexity as Relative to the
Conveyed Linguistic Information 399


Antonio Lillo: Turning Puns into Names and Vice Versa 429

Book Reviews: 

Aikhenvald, Alexandra Y. & Dixon, R. M. W. (eds.) (2001) (paperback 2006):
Areal Diffusion and Genetic Inheritance: Problems in Comparative
Linguistics. Reviewed by Ante Aikio 441

Backhaus, Peter (2007) Linguistic Landscapes. A Comparative Study of Urban
Multilingualism in Tokyo. Reviewed by Anastassia Zabrodskaja 455

Fabiszak, Malgorzata (ed.) (2007) Language and Meaning: Cognitive and
Functional Perspectives. Reviewed by Heli Tissari 467

Haser, Verena (2005) Metaphor, Metonymy, and Experientialist Philosophy:
Challenging Cognitive Semantics. Reviewed by Jeannine Fontaine 471

Miestamo, Matti (2005) Standard Negation. The Negation of Declarative Verbal
Main Clauses in a Typological Perspective.  Reviewed by Angela Bartens 483

Phraseologie. Ein internationales Handbuch der zeitgenössischen Forschung
(2007). Hrsg. von Harald Burger et al.  Rezensiert von Jarmo Korhonen 487

SKY Journal of Linguistics is a refereed general linguistic journal
published on an annual basis by the Linguistic Association of Finland (=
SKY). It also appears as a free-access web journal. Issue 20 is downloadable
at http://www.ling.helsinki.fi/sky/julkaisut/sky2007.shtml.
Orders (printed version): Bookstore Tiedekirja
address: Kirkkokatu 14
FI-00170 Helsinki 
tel. +358 9 635177 
fax +358 9 635017 
e-mail: tiedekirja at tsv.fi

Prices: SKY JoL 20 EUR 17 (approx. USD 19)
Earlier issues: EUR 12 (approx. USD 14)

Suomen kielitieteellinen yhdistys
Språkvetenskapliga Föreningen i Finland
The Linguistic Association of Finland


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