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Betreff: [ural] Summer session in Udmurtia 15-23 July


Place: Udmurt Republic, Russia
Time: 15­23 July, 2008

The main idea of the project "Open Finno-Ugric University"
is development and realization of special educational program,
which helps to reveal the intellectual potential of young
representatives of Finno-Ugric group of people and to direct
the energy of young generation to tasks which arise among
Finno-Ugric society.
More information: www.ofuun.ru <http://www.ofuun.ru/> ,
www.webbisivu.com/asyo <http://www.webbisivu.com/asyo>

Participants may choose either they want to take part in
1) educational or 2) cultural program

1) Educational program
- Seminar «Native language development strategy»;
- International finno-ugric ecological camp;
- Seminar «Finno-ugric tourism: ideas and perspectives»;
- Seminar «Small entrepreneurs as a resource of ethnic culture development»;
- Volunteer camp «Korka leston veme» - Udmurt private house building;
- Art laboratory;
Out of these 6 possibilities participants must choose, to which group they
want to attend.

Program includes also lectures of leading specialists in Finno-Ugric
theme, round-table discussions, master-classes, trainings, individual
consultations; besides, each participant has possibility to present his/her
own discussion theme, to make own projects, research, creative works

- accommodation in the groups of 4-10 people
- meals 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee breaks)
- possibility to visit Udmurt sauna 1-2 times
- must take with own bed linen and towels
- price of accommodation and meals: 950 rubles (30 euros)

2) Cultural program
Cultural expedition «Udmurtia: traditions and innovations»:
acquaintance with republic culture, traditional lifestyle of Udmurt people;
tasting of national dishes

- accommodation in Udmurt family
- everyday meals of traditional dishes
- everyday possibility to visit Udmurt sauna
- price of accommodation and meals: 3700 rubles (100 euros)

Participants must organize by themselves visas and travelling tickets.
Invitations for individual or group visas can be written and registration
is taken care of by organizators. The language of the session will be
Translator can be organized from Udmurt and Russian to English, Finnish,
Estonian, Hungarian etc.

Summer session will be held in different locations of Udmurt republic,
which will be told later. Udmurt republic can be reached by train from
Moscow and St. Petersburg. Helsinki-Moscow and Helsinki-St. Petersburg
train tickets can be bought in VR. Tickets inside Russia are transmitted
by many Finnish travelling agencies.

Young representatives of Finno-Ugric people: pupils of schools, lyceums,
gymnasiums, university students; and also teachers, members of public
associations, mass media representatives, cultural and scientific workers
other interested people.
Registration must be done up to 6th of June by sending required
information to the e-mail address ofuun at mail.ru or fedorinaudm at mail.ru
Please write following information:
- name
- birthdate
- the name of the working or studying place (subject), position
- postal address
- telephone number, fax
- e-mail address
- do you participate in 1) educational program or 2) cultural program
- if you partcicipate in educational program, theme of the
project/research/art work
  + do you want to give presentation
- if you participate in educational program, which group you choose out of
six possibilities
- do you need translator
- do you need invitation for visa (send your passport details)

For more information contact (in Russian or English):
Open Finno-Ugric University
Tel./fax: +7 912 752 64 06
E-mails: ofuun at mail.ru, fedorinaudm at mail.ru
3 Shishkina Street
426035, Udmurt Republic

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