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Betreff: a new volume edited by Angela Marcantonio ha just been published

Dear Johanna, 
I would like to kindly ask you to send around the information about the
publication of a new volume on historical /Indo-European linguistics. It is
a debate volume that contains contributions by several, world-wide renown
scholars, edited by myself and published as a Monograph by ŒJournal of
Indo-European Studies¹ (Washington: The Institute of Man (pp. 476)).
This volume takes the debate originated within Uralic studies regarding the
reliability of the methods of historical linguistics, and therefore of the
validity of the Uralic language family, into the heart of the Indo-European
theory and language family. 11 Scholars present their views about specific,
still controversial issues within Indo-European ­such as the fact that the
archaeological and anthropological evidence relating to the origin of the
Sanskrit language and peoples are at variance with the linguistic model --
as well as the wider issue of the limits of the comparative method. Although
the focus of the debate is the Indo-European theory, the reader will find
interesting parallels with the state of the art of the debate within Uralic.
It is in the light of these factors that I am kindly asking you to announce
to the members of Uralists the publication this volume, even if it is not a
volume on the Uralic languages.
Here is the exact reference and ŒContent¹:
The Indo-European Language Family:
Questions about its Status
Monograph 55 -- Edited by: Angela Marcantonio
Angela Marcantonio: Introduction; Henning Andersen: The satem languages of
the Indo-European Northwest: First contacts?; E. Annamalai and S. B.
Steever: Ideology, the Indian homeland hypothesis and the comparative
method; Edwin Bryant: The Indo-Aryan migration debate; Onofrio Carruba:
Indo-European vowel alternations: (Ablaut/apophony); Paolo Di Giovine:
Verbal inflection from ³Proto-Indo-European² to the Indo-European languages:
A matter of coherence?; Bridget Drinka: Stratified reconstruction and a new
view of the family tree model; Alexander Häusler: The origin and spread of
the Indo-Germanic people; Nicholas Kazanas: Indo-European linguistics and
Indo-Aryan indigenism; Angela Marcantonio: Evidence that most Indo-European
lexical reconstructions are artefacts of the linguistic method of analysis;
Yaron Matras: Defining the limits of grammatical borrowing; Ruediger
Schmitt:  Iranian archaisms vs. Vedic innovations ­ and the Indo-Iranian
ISBN 978-0-941694-03-2 Paperback 2009                                   2009
Pages 476  $56.00
ISBN 978-0-941694-02-5 Hardback  2009                                   2009
Pages 476  $86.00
Many thanks,
Best regards,
Angela Marcantonio

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