Dissertation: Non-finites in North Saami

Jussi Ylikoski jylikosk at mappi.helsinki.fi
Fri Mar 6 13:09:25 UTC 2009

Dear Uralists,

I am pleased to announce that the summarizing and complementing  
overview part of my article-based PhD thesis "Non-finites in North  
Saami" (MSFOu 257) has been published not only in print but also  
online at http://www.sgr.fi/sust/sust257/sust257.html.

The thesis will be defended at the University of Oulu on the 20th of  
March. (Opponent: prof. Ole Henrik Magga, Sámi University College,  
Guovdageaidnu; Custos: prof. Pekka Sammallahti, Giellagas Institute  
for Saami Studies, University of Oulu.)

With best regards - ustitlaš dearvvuođaiguin,

Jussi Ylikoski

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