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Forwarded, once again apologizing for multiple postings, a symposium call.
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From: Anne Tamm [anne.tamm at unifi.it]
Subject: The Uralic Typology Days

Full Title: The Uralic Typology Days
Short Title: UTD 

Date: 26-Nov-2009 - 27-Nov-2009
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Contact Person: Anne Tamm
Meeting Email: anne.tamm at unifi.it
Web Site: http://uralictypology.pbworks.com/Uralic-Typology-Days

Linguistic Field(s): Morphology; Syntax; Typology

Language Family(ies): Uralic

Call Deadline: 25-Sep-2009

Meeting Description:

The purpose of the Typology Days in Tallinn is the following:

-To advance the scientific study of the Uralic languages (official languages
as well as variants) and define their structures within the context of
cross-linguistic diversity;
-To further mutual awareness, dialogue, and co-operation between the
international community of linguists specialized in the particular Uralic
languages and those interested in the Uralic data across theoretical
frameworks and subdisciplines;
-To provide a forum for the Uralic languages and for working towards a
database structure that is useful for linguists across linguistic
frameworks, in the spirit of linguistic typology; and by doing so, to
identify the areas of critically missing research in the Uralic linguistics.
-It is a twin event with Finiteness and Non-Finiteness, taking place on
November 25, 2009 at the Institute of the Estonian Language, Tallinn.

Keynote Speakers of this twin event with Finiteness and Non-Finiteness,
taking place on November 25, 2009:

Maria Koptjevskaja-Tamm: t.b.a.
Ferenc Havas: 'Prenominativity in the Uralic Languages'
Helen de Hoop and Sander Lestrade 'Case and Tense'
Diana Forker Finiteness in Hinuq: 'Converbs, Participles and Other Beasts'
Marianne Bakró-Nagy Conditional constructions in the Uralic languages: 'A
view from Designing a Database Structure'
Seppo Kittilä: t.b.a.
Casper de Groot: t.b.a.
Tuomas Huumo: t.b.a.
Johanna Laakso: t.b.a.
Riho Grünthal: t.b.a.


Sven-Erik Soosaar
Iris Metsmägi
Anne Tamm

Programme Committee:

Helle Metslang
Marianne Bakró-Nagy
Johanna Laakso
Petar Kehayov
Tõnu Seilenthal 

Call for Papers:

Hereby we are inviting contributions to the talk, exhibition and poster
sessions of the conference. We expect contributions on lexical typology; to
mention some topics: verb classes, lexicalized aspect, case marking of
arguments, temperature expressions, and any areas where there are lexical
restrictions on grammatical structures.

We are open to all linguistic areas of the Uralic languages as long as they
deal with the structure of these languages

We are planning to feature a minisession on the possessive constructions in
the Uralic languages.

-The deadline for sending an abstract is September 25, 2009. The languages
are English or Russian. Submissions should describe original work, completed
or in progress, be anonymous (no authors, affiliations or addresses, and no
explicit self-reference), be no longer than two (2) pages of A4 including
examples and references, and be in PDF format. A separate file should
contain the title, the author's name, and affiliation.

Please send your abstact to Sven-Erik Soosaar: svenerik at eki.ee. You will be
informed about the acceptance by September 30, 2009.

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