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Dear All,

today, two Estonian colleagues, Karl Pajusalu and Anne Tamm, have almost
simultaneously sent me the same sad news to be forwarded to the URA-LIST:
Ilse Lehiste, one of the most renowned Estonian linguists of our times,
passed away on Saturday, December 25, at 19 o'clock EET, at a hospital in
Columbus, Ohio, at the age of almost 89 years.

Below, the notice sent to me (but obviously meant for the whole URA-LIST) by
Anne Tamm, with links to some more information about Ilse Lehiste's life and

With heartfelt condolences to Ilse Lehiste's colleagues and friends and in
deep respect for the work of her long and productive life


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------ Weitergeleitete Nachricht
Von: <anne.tamm at>
Datum: Sun, 26 Dec 2010 15:34:37 +0100
An: Johanna Laakso <johanna.laakso at>
Betreff: Ilse Lehiste has passed away

Dear Uralist community,

This peaceful Christmas season has brought some sad news to Uralicists
and other linguists. Ilse Lehiste, Professor Emeritus of Ohio State
University, Columbus, born on January 31, 1922 in Tallinn, has passed
away on Saturday, December 25. Ilse Lehiste's work has been relevant
not only for Uralicists, but for Linguistics in general: Acoustic
Phonetics, Prosody, Language Contact, Estonian, Phonetics and
Phonology. Despite being a leading figure in the linguistic world and
the United States, she found time and energy to support and encourage
research in the Uralic languages in the (former) Soviet Union,
especially Estonian. She has been a role model for many young
linguists across the world.

The link to the article with the details of the news in Estonian follows

Ilse Lehiste's website at Ohio State University can be found here:
Ilse Lehiste's website at the Estonian Academy of Sciences:

The Estonian Academy of Sciences will have a more detailed in memoriam
web page:

Peaceful Christmas to the Ura-list community,
Anne Tamm

------ Ende der weitergeleiteten Nachricht

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