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Balazs Csurgai helian at citromail.hu
Tue Jan 12 15:56:44 UTC 2010

Hi. Greetings.

I am an independent researcher from Hungary,
I write to here because I have written an essay on my 
researches mainly regarding the Huns and Hungarians, and I 
consider the results are significant (i.e. a scientific 
breakthrough ;),

and I would like to ask for someone (on anyone) to review and 
confirm my scientific results (for part one, for the second is 
not needed yet, the article has two parts (see there)).

Also I consider it has consequences in the science itself as 
(still regarding to the first part of the article):
- providing new ancient words data for analysis and incorporation into the science,
- confirming a number of attested yet undocumented older 
Hungarian linguistic phenomenons (i.e. partly confirming the 
correctness of the historical linguistics itself),
- and almost the whole prehistory of the Uralic peoples 
is need to be rewritten, mainly that of the (Hun-)Ugors 
and Hun(garian)s.

Also these discoveries finally do settle hundreds years old 
historical debates, e.g. on the characteristics of the 
Huns and the Hsiung-nu, etc.

The essay's title is 'Huns and Ugors'. 

It is not fully complete yet, but it already contains enough 
important material that are heavily connected to the Uralic 
linguistics and general historical research.

Note: the phrasing, especially the linguistic one is rather 
simplicized, as it was not made to be a master thesis, and 
not just exclusively for scientists. Also it may contain some 
errors, but its real significance, the point is in its core.

The address of the pdf document to download is:

35 pages


Any help would be appreciated.
Thanx, Regards

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