A.D.Kylstra 1920-2009

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The founder of the Finno-Ugric department of the University of Groningen
passed away last month:

Andries Dirk Kylstra 8 October 1920 -- 10 December 2009

Starting with his PhD thesis (1961) Kylstra specialized in Old
Germanic-Finnic language contact and initiated research in this field
leading to the standard lexicon LÄGLOS (Lexikon der älteren germanischen
Lehnwörter in den ostseefinnischen Sprachen, I: A-J, 1991, II: K-O,
1996, the third and final volume to appear in the nearest future). His
second unsurpassed achievement is that he managed to get Finno-Ugric
Studies into the Academic Programme of the Netherlands in 1966 (where it
still is, though fighting is sometimes required).
Cornelius Hasselblatt

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