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Anna Kurvinen anna.kurvinen at sgr.fi
Wed Jun 23 13:01:26 UTC 2010

Dear Uralists
(apologies for cross-posting),

The Finno-Ugrian Society is happy to announce that a new volume in the
publication series “Uralica Helsingiensia” has been published:
“Kenttäretkistä tutkimustiedoksi” (ed. by Paula Kokkonen & Anna
Kurvinen; Uralica Helsingiensia 4). More information (in Finnish) and
a list of articles: http://www.sgr.fi/uh/uh4.html

A 2nd edition of  “Murros. Suomalais-ugrilaiset kielet ja kulttuurit
globalisaation paineissa” (Uralica Helsingiensia 3; ed. by Sirkka
& Eeva Herrala) has also appeared. More information (in Finnish) and a
list of articles: http://www.sgr.fi/uh/uh3.html

Uralica Helsingiensia 1 & 2; see: http://www.sgr.fi/uh/uh1.html and


Uralica Helsingiensia is a series commenced in 2008 and published
jointly by the University of Helsinki Finno-Ugric Language Section and
the Finno-Ugrian Society. It features monographs and thematic
collections of articles with a research focus on Uralic languages, and
it also covers the linguistic and cultural aspects of Estonian,
Hungarian and Saami studies at the University of Helsinki. The editors
of the series are Ulla-Maija Forsberg and Riho Grünthal.

More information on the series: http://www.sgr.fi/english/uh_engl.html

The volumes of the series Uralica Helsingiensia as well as all books
published by the Finno-Ugrian Society are for sale at the bookstore
Tiedekirja: www.tiedekirja.fi

On behalf of the Finno-Ugrian Society
Anna Kurvinen

Suomalais-Ugrilainen Seura – Finno-Ugrian Society

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