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Dear Uralists,

A *preliminary *version of the dictionary *H. Paasonens Mordwinisches
Wörterbuch – Мордовский словарь Х. Паасонена*, based on the dialect
materials of Heikki Paasonen (1865–1919), has been published online:
       The dictionary originally appeared in print in 1990–1999 (Lexica
Societatis Fenno-Ugricae XXIII:1–6; Publications of the Research Institute
for the Languages of Finland 59). The final electronic version is under
preparation in collaboration with the Research Institute for the Languages
of Finland.
       For the time being, the Finno-Ugrian Society provides open access to
the raw version and interlinked sub-articles of the electronic dictionary,
located at the home site of its compiler Jack Rueter:<>

The Finno-Ugrian Society is also happy to announce that pdf versions
of *Syrjänische
Texte* I–III are available at:
       The “Syrjänische Texte” book series is based on folklore collected
from Komi language informants held as prisoners of war in Finland during
World War II. The texts are in the Komi language with translations into
German. On the web page you will find the Komi texts of volumes I–III as pdf
versions; the German translations can be found in the printed books. The
Finno-Ugrian Society is planning to publish parts IV–V in the future.

More information on electronic publications from the Finno-Ugrian Society:

... and on the most recent (printed) publications from the Finno-Ugrian

On behalf of the Finno-Ugrian Society
Anna Kurvinen
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