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Dear all,

let me remind you of the LINGUIST LIST Fund Drive. The good people who,
among other things, maintain the mirror archive of our list, depend on our
support ­ it doesn't have to be a big sum.

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Subject: 21.1554, Can: We Raise $1,500 Today?

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Date: 31-Mar-2010
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Subject: Help Us Get Closer to the End!

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Subject: Help Us Get Closer to the End!

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Dear Subscribers,

We have reached the weekend goal of $51,000!  The end of our fund drive
rapidly approaches!

Can we get to $52,500 today? That is less than $1500 remaining for one
day. No matter how many people donating whatever they can afford, we need
your help!  Whether we receive $15 from 100 people or more, we need you so
that we can give you what you need for one more year: free services and
access to a lot of information in Linguistics!

Help us raise the money we need to fund our students, so that we can
continue to provide all the services and information you have come to rely

Donate now at

Help us reach $52,500 today!


This Year the LINGUIST List hopes to raise $65,000. This money will go to
keep the List running by supporting all of our Student Editors for the
coming year.

See below for donation instructions, and don't forget to check out our Space
Drive 2010 and join us for a great journey!

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Thank you very much for your support of LINGUIST!


Donated Prizes by Publishers

Association of Editors of the Journal of Portuguese Linguistics
1. One year subscription of Journal of Portuguese Linguistics to donors

Cascadilla Press
1. Boucher, Paul (Ed), Many Morphologies (2002)
2. Macaulay, Monica, Surviving Linguistics. A Guide for Graduate Students
3. Face, Timothy, Guide to the Phonetic Symbols of Spanish, (2008)
4. Ewald, Jennifer, and Edstrom, Anne, (Eds), El Español a través de la
    lingüística. Preguntas y Respuestas (2008)

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
1. A set of complete works by an author (from our literary classics section)

Cambridge University Press
1. Matras, Yaron, Language Contact, Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics
2. Uriagereka, Juan, Syntactic Anchors. on Semantic Structuring, Cambridge
   Studies in Linguistics 118 (2008)

1. Johnson, Sally, and Ensslin, Astrid (Eds), Language and the Media,
   in Sociolinguistics (2007)
2. Schane, Sanford, Language and the Law (2006)

Editora Europolis
1. Vasile, Sandina-Iulia, Les Articulations Logiques du Discours en
   Traductologique (2005)

1. We would like to offer 5 x personal one year online subscriptions to the
   linguistics journal of the winner's choice:
Assessing Writing, Computers and Composition, English for Specific Purposes,
Journal of Communication Disorders, Journal of English for Academic
Journal of Fluency Disorders, Journal of Phonetics, Journal of Pragmatics,
of Second Language Writing, Language and Communication, Language Sciences,
Lingua, Linguistics and Education, System

1. Forey, Gail, and Thompson, Geoff (Eds), Text Type and Texture (2009)
2. Lantolf, James, and Poehner, Matthew (Eds), Sociocultural Theory and the
   Teaching of Second Languages (2008)
3. Banks, David, The Development of Scientific Writing. Linguistic Features
   historical Context (2008)
4. Baker, Paul, Sexed Texts. Language, Gender and Sexuality (2008)
5. Hrubaru, Florica, and Comes, Elena (Eds),Énonciation et Création
Littéraire (2006)

Mouton de Gruyter
1. Bergs, Alexander, and Diewald, Gabriele (Eds), Trends in Linguistics.
   and Language Change (2008)

Multilingual Matters
1. 2 copies of De Houwer, Annick, Bilingual First Language Acquisition
2. 2 copies of Lo Bianco, Joseph (et al)(Eds), China and English
3. 10% discount to everyone who donates during Fund Drive on any of their
   linguistics titles.

The MIT Press
1. Miyagawa, Shigeru, Why Agree? Why Move? Unifying Agreement-Based and
   Discourse-Configurational Languages, Linguistic Inquiry Monograph
   Fifty-Four (2010)
2. Frampton, John, Distributed Reduplication, Linguistic Inquiry monograph
   Fifty-Two (2009)
3. Landau, Idan, The Locative Syntax of Experiencers, Linguistic Inquiry
   Fifty-Three (2010)
4. Bickerton, Derek; Szathmáry, Eörs, (Eds) Biological Foundations and
Origin of 
   Syntax (2009)

Oxford University Press
1. McNally, Louise, and Kennedy, Christopher, Adjectives and Adverbs.Syntax,
   Semantics, and Discourse(2008)
2. Gundel, Jeanette K, and Hedberg, Nancy (Eds), Reference.
   Perspectives (2008)
3. Solé, Maria-Josep, Speeter Beddor, Patrice, and Ohala, Manjari (Eds),
   Appriaches to Phonology (2007)

Pagijong Press
1. Ko, Yong-Kun (et al) (Eds), Whither morphology in the New Millenium?

Routledge (Taylor & Francis)
1. Susan Hunston and David Oakey, Introducing Applied Linguistics: Key
   and Skills
2. Susan J. Behrens and Judith A. Parker (Eds), Language in the Real World:
   An Introduction to Linguistics

1. Pratt, Comfort, El Español del Noroeste e Luisiana

See who has donated this year:
We would like to thank all our generous donors for their continued support


Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Cascadilla Press

Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd

De Gruyter Mouton

Edinburgh University Press

Elsevier Ltd

Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Georgetown University Press

John Benjamins

Lincom GmbH

MIT Press

Multilingual Matters

Oxford University Press

Peter Lang AG


Routledge (Taylor and Francis)

University of Toronto Press


Graduate Linguistic Students' Association, Umass

Langues et Linguistique

Linguistic Association of Finland

Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics / Landelijke - LOT

Pacific Linguistics

SIL International

St. Jerome Publishing Ltd
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