7.-8.10. Greifswald - Symposium announcement

Marko Pantermöller panter at uni-greifswald.de
Wed Aug 10 16:23:00 UTC 2011

Hei Johanna,

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„Finnish Language and Literature in the European Context – Historical
Prospects and Present Challenges“

90 years ago the first lectorate for Finnish was established in Germany. The
chair of Fennistics at Greifswald university is celebrating this remarkable
anniversary with an international symposium at Greifswald from October  the
6.-7. this year.  


In the year 1921 the first lectorate for the Finnish language in Germany was
established at Greifswald university. In 1976 the first German chair of
Fennistics followed. Yet Greifswald lead the way on the fields of the
investigation of Finland already much earlier. In this context especially
the activity of the Greifswaldian historian Friedrich Rühs should be
mentioned, who was the first to write a complete survey of Finnish history
and applied geography in 1809. The thematic framework of the conference on
the occasion of the anniversary is therefore consciously set rather
widespread. It contains as well questions of language policy and literary
policy as topics of science history. In the centre of the latter the
cultural relations between Finland and Germany and the history of the
investigation of Finland as an object of research are being discussed. The
focus of language and literary policy at the conference is turned to a
comprehensive perspective. Exactly ten years after the „Year of Languages“,
which was proclamed by the European Union in 2001 in order to support the
diversity of languages in Europe and make it visible as a cultural wealth,
the role and the challenges of Finnish and Estonian languages, as well as
the literatures of Finland and Estonia in a united Europe are being targeted
from different points of view. In accordance to the occasion of the
conference there will also be enough time to discuss problems of the
intermediation of Finnish language and culture. 

The conference will be framed by an exhibition of ancient Finnish printings,
which can be found in the archives of the university’s library of
Greifswald. Over 170 years Finland and Western Pomerania were both ruled by
the Swedish sovereign (1637-1815). In this time many printed matters in
Finnish found their way to Greifswald, many of them only as unsewed printing
sheets. Those old printings are put in a central place in the exhibition,
the exhibits of which are marking exemplarily important development phases
of Finnish literary and book history.

The official languages of the conference are German and English in order to
make it possible for non-fennists and young students of Finnish studies to
benefit of the conference.

Please sign in for the conference until 26.09.2011 at
<mailto:fennistik at web.de> fennistik at web.de 

The participation at the conference is for free.

The organisational committee 

Mikko Bentlin, Thekla Musäus and Marko Pantermöller


On 8.10.2011 the teachers of Finnish of the German speaking countries are
assembling for their annual workshop at the Nordic Compartment of Greifswald

The symposium and the lecturers’ workshop are being supported by the
Finnland-Institut in Deutschland, CIMO, the Finnish embassy in Berlin and
the Consulate General of Finland in Hamburg.



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