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> Learner Language, Learner Corpora – LLLC 2012
> University of Oulu, Finland, October 5–6, 2012
> The aim of the conference ‘Learner language, learner corpora’ is to bring together researchers interested in second language acquisition and foreign language learning, and in particular those working with either or both learner corpora and the learning and teaching of Finno-Ugric (FU) languages as a second or foreign language.
> The conference will be organized to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the VIRSU project and to introduce the ICLFI project. VIRSU seeks to create connections between all linguists working with any of the Finno-Ugric target (foreign or second) languages or the language situations in the countries where Finno-Ugric languages are spoken.
> The ICLFI project in turn focuses on identifying general tendencies or universals that are present in learner language regardless of the learner's mother tongue. The project hosts the five year old ICLFI Corpus which is a multi-mother tongue corpus of learner Finnish.
> The following speakers have accepted our invitation to give a keynote presentation at the conference:
> Professor Charlotte Gooskens (Scandinavian department, University of Groningen):
> Determinants of mutual intelligibility between closely related languages
> Professor Fanny Meunier (Centre for English Corpus Linguistics, Université Catholique de Louvain): 
> A guided tour of learner corpus research: leaving from SLA and ending in classrooms
> Postdoctoral researcher, PhD Minna Suni (Department of Languages, University of Jyväskylä): 
> Kielenoppimisen tutkimus: mistä on tultu ja mihin ollaan menossa?
> The Programme Committee invites original presentations and posters especially on these general issues, including but not limited to:
> FU languages as target languages
> Learning and teaching of related languages
> Receptive multilingualism
> Morphology and morphosyntax in language learning and teaching
> Phraseology and lexicon in language learning and teaching
> Learner language and language learning universals
> Learner language analysis, especially corpus analyses of FU languages 
> Learner corpus annotation and lemmatization
> Corpora in language learning and teaching
> Languages of the conference are Finnish and English. If an abstract is chosen for presentation, the author will be invited to write an article in a refereed publication.
> For more information on the conference and abstract submission, please visit the conference web page http://www.oulu.fi/hutk/sutvi/oppijankieli/LLLC/en/index.html
> On behalf of the organizers,
> Pirkko Muikku-Werner
> Professor, Chair of the organizing committee
> School of Humanities
> University of Eastern Finland 
> pirkko.muikku-werner at uef.fi
> Jarmo Harri Jantunen
> Adjunct Professor, Chair of the organizing committee
> Faculty of Humanities
> University of Oulu
> jarmo.jantunen at oulu.fi

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