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Dear URA-LIST readers,

the good people of LINGUIST have started their yearly fund drive again. Please keep in mind that their service also provides the mirror archiving for our list (remember that you can browse and search all our previous issues at http://listserv.linguistlist.org/cgi-bin/wa?A0=URA-LIST ), and seriously consider donating!

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> LINGUIST List: Vol-23-1017. Wed Feb 29 2012. ISSN: 1069 - 4875.
> Subject: 23.1017, What is LINGUIST's Most Popular Resource?
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> Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,
> The LINGUIST List is proud of the resources we make available to our users- 
> from those newly interested in linguistics to professional linguists. Of 
> all of these, the Jobs area is one of our most popular resources and we 
> need your help to keep this service going. Please donate at: 
> https://linguistlist.org/donation/donate/donate1.cfm
> With nearly 10,500 jobs posted since 1990, we are the premier source for 
> academic and professional positions in linguistics. The first year, we 
> posted 4 jobs, and thanks to your support, we posted over 700 in 2011. 
> Please help us continue to provide this service by donating here: 
> (even $5 helps!) 
> https://linguistlist.org/donation/donate/donate1.cfm
> Our Jobs area has evolved with the field of linguistics; our job listings 
> include a wide variety of positions that encompass diverse areas of 
> research, both commercial and academic. We make these job postings 
> available for free in a number of ways. Readers can access job 
> announcements through our website 
> (http://linguistlist.org/jobs/browse-job-current-rs-1.html), subscribe to 
> our listserv or RSS (http://linguistlist.org/LL/subs-index.cfm) or follow 
> us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/linguistlistjob).
> To better serve job seekers, we have developed a browseable web interface 
> that allows users to view the most recent posted jobs and to sort this 
> listing by employer name, location, rank/title of the position, linguistic 
> specialty, or application deadline. This allows users to quickly access and 
> view the information they are looking for. Jobs seekers can also search for 
> jobs with specific criteria using our search function. Here they can select 
> job rank, location, linguistics subfield, and/or language to narrow their 
> results, allowing them to see only the jobs matching their description. Our 
> jobs pages are some of the most frequently visited on the vast LINGUIST 
> List site, with over 21,000 unique page views in just one week.
> Many of you have may have used our service to post or find a job, and many 
> more of you will use this service in the coming year. Please donate to our 
> Fund Drive to help us continue posting these jobs! Any amount will help, so 
> whether you can give $5 or $50, please visit 
> https://linguistlist.org/donation/donate/donate1.cfm
> Thank you for your support,
> Christy Bird
> LINGUIST List Jobs Editor
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> This Year the LINGUIST List hopes to raise $67,000. This money will go to help 
> keep the List running by supporting all of our Student Editors for the coming
> year.
> See below for donation instructions, and don't forget to check out Fund 
> Drive 2012 site!
> http://linguistlist.org/fund-drive/2012/
> There are many ways to donate to LINGUIST!
> You can donate right now using our secure credit card form at  
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> donate by check, money order, or wire transfer, please visit: 
> http://linguistlist.org/donation/
> The LINGUIST List is under the umbrella of Eastern Michigan University and as 
> such can receive donations through the EMU Foundation, which is a registered 
> 501(c) Non Profit organization. Our Federal Tax number is 38-6005986. These 
> donations can be offset against your federal and sometimes your state tax
> return (U.S. tax payers only). For more information visit the IRS Web-Site,
> or contact your financial advisor.
> Many companies also offer a gift matching program, such that they will match 
> any gift you make to a non-profit organization. Normally this entails your 
> contacting your human resources department and sending us a form that the 
> EMU Foundation fills in and returns to your employer. This is generally a
> simple administrative procedure that doubles the value of your gift to
> LINGUIST, without costing you an extra penny. Please take a moment to check if
> your company operates such a program.
> Thank you very much for your support of LINGUIST!
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