1st International Winter School of Finno-Ugrian Studies

Johanna Laakso johanna.laakso at univie.ac.at
Tue Oct 30 12:35:22 UTC 2012

Dear All,

the universities of Vienna, Szeged, Munich, Hamburg, Tartu and Helsinki proudly announce the 1st International Winter School of Finno-Ugrian Studies.

The winter school will take place in Vienna in the two last weeks of February 2013; the preliminary programme is at http://finno-ugristik.univie.ac.at/studium-spl/international/intensivprogramme-erasmus/fuwinterschool/ . Regrettably, we have only been able to organise this as an Erasmus / Life-Long Learning programme, which means that EU funding is available only for students from the six participating universities. After selecting the student participants from our own rows, we don't have very much space in our lecture rooms left. Nevertheless, we would like to offer this opportunity to at least some students from other universities, and -- with bleeding hearts, as accommodating everybody is physically impossible -- to restrict their number to MAXIMALLY FIVE. (Really sorry for being this harsh, but even now, the participants will run out of oxygen in our "bigger" lecture room.)

What this means: We will accept five students from other universities, provided that they 
a) commit themselves to the same conditions as other participants, above all, *active presence* on every course day. (Regrettably, no raisin-picking in the style of "I'll just take the Nganasan course" can be allowed.)
b) organise their travels themselves, and pay for their accommodation. (If we can select the external participants soon enough, we can help them with finding hostel accommodation in Vienna, but of course they will have to pay -- or raise the funding for it -- themselves.)
c) pay us 30€ for organisation costs.
For active participation and a returned course portfolio/learning diary, students will be acquitted 10 ECTS. Whether and how these will be recognised as part of their studies must be decided at their home institutions – we cannot promise anything on behalf of other universities.

Application: Each student who wants to apply should send an e-mail to me (johanna.laakso at univie.ac.at), with a freely formulated "motivation letter" -- explaining his/her background, studies so far, interests and the relevance of the Winter School for his/her studies and prospective career, BY NOVEMBER 10. We -- the organisers at the participating institutes -- will shoulder the hard work of selecting the most accomplished and most deserving participants by November 20.

For further information, please feel free to contact me!

Johanna Laakso
Univ.Prof. Dr. Johanna Laakso
Universität Wien, Institut für Europäische und Vergleichende Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft (EVSL)
Abteilung Finno-Ugristik
Campus AAKH Spitalgasse 2-4 Hof 7
A-1090 Wien
johanna.laakso at univie.ac.athttp://homepage.univie.ac.at/Johanna.Laakso/
Project ELDIA: http://www.eldia-project.org/ 

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