Florian Siegl florian.siegl at gmx.net
Wed Oct 31 07:56:47 UTC 2012

On 30.10.2012 20:23, Annika Pasanen wrote:
> Really? What a dissapointment! Well, since nobody of us knows the 
> situation of all the Uralic languages, I don't see any other ways than 
> trying to collect data from representatives of different language 
> groups. Maybe they know better in Mordovia, Udmurtia, Komi etc. how 
> much speakers there are. Usually Ministries of Education in different 
> regions of Russia have detailed information about pupils learning the 
> local minority language at school.

This IS the ultimate reason why we have decided to get this message out 
on Ura-List. There are of course people who know more about these things 
than researchers in Helsinki and there are people who might have seen 
such statistics and can communicate them. If we would not see this a 
joint-venture task, the query would have never gone online!

Florian Siegl

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