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Dear all,

thanks to Elisabeth Scheller (see her last post "Re: Query" to this list), I could correct the metadata about the Akkala recordings at the KSDP archive. "Kola Saami Documentation Project" was obviously the wrong project description, but appeared there due to my carelessness and a copy-and-paste error. Unfortunately, there are more gaps, inconsistencies and mistakes in the Kola Saami archive and for a lot of recorded data even the most basic metadata are still completely missing. These recordings are of course excluded from being listed in the archive catalogue at present. However, as the Kola Saami Documentation Project is ongoing (current project funding runs until 2015) I am permanently working with the Kola Saami language documentation, i.e. improving the archive structure, correcting and updating existent data as well as uploading new data to the archive.

I want to stress that Elisabeth Scheller's Akkala Saami recordings as well as personal metadata on her Akkala Saami consultant were never "spread via the internet" or otherwise made accessible by me. The files could not be downloaded, instead the data were stored at the archive along with the explicit statement, that "access to this resource can be requested from the collector" (i.e. Elisabeth Scheller) inluding a link to an online data request form. Basic catalogue metada is nevertheless the most basic requirement for archiving, otherwise you do not know that the data exist (and you cannot ask the collector for permission).

Originally we agreed with Elisabeth Scheller that her Akkala Saami interviews should be archived without making the audio files and annotations freely available to the public. I set the access rights accordingly. Additionally, in the metadata catalogue the Akkala Saami consultant was anonymized to protect her/him from becoming an object for a new "last speaker search". In concordance to standards we agreed upon earlier inside KSDP, I included non-anonymized personal metadata on the other actors involved in archiving the data: Elisabeth Scheller (collector, annotator), the two other Saami collectors and myself (depositor). However, according to Elisabeth Scheller's wish from yesterday (in a personal Email to me) I did now completely anonymize all three Saami actors in this session. For the time being, even the audio files and text annotations are not visible at the archive. 

Since Elisabeth Scheller asked me twice in her latest posts to URA-LIST to "respect our agreements", I can only say again that I respected and I still respect the agreements made about these recordings. They where never made  available from the archive or otherwise shared with anybody.

Michael Rießler


Dr. Michael Rießler
Skandinavisches Seminar, Universität Freiburg
michael.riessler at skandinavistik.uni-freiburg.de

> Some comments to the Akkala Saami recordings:
> Michael Riessler asked my to get copies of my Akkala Saami recordings for storing them in the digital archive at the Max-Planck Institute in Nijmegen. I gave him the copies but we agreed that the recordings should only be stored in the archive and not open for spreading via the internet. This is because yet I don't have permissions from the recorded persons. Until the informants have given their written permissions to make the recordings available, the material is not freely available (especially not via the internet). People who are interested in the Akkala Saami issues are welcome to contact me to discuss this with me.
> There are also some errors in the metadata in the archive (see Michael Riessler's link below):
> The recordings are a part of my dissertation project at Tromsø University, they are not part of "Kola Saami Documentation Project" and Michael Riessler was not involved in recording or working with these data . There is one Akkala Saami speaker and three other informants (who mainly  speak Kildin Saami) involved in the recordings, included me who participated in and recorded the conversation.  
> When I gave Michael Riessler copies of the recordings, we agreed that the names of the informants will be anonymous for now. This is in order to protect the Akkala Saami consultant from becoming an object for a new "last speaker search". Because of the small size of the language community the names of the other persons who are recorded also have to be anonymous to guarantee the anonymity for the Akkala speaker.
> I would like to ask Michael Riessler to respect our agreements and to correct the metadata in the catalogue of the archive.
> With kind regards,
> Elisabeth Scheller
> Stipendiat i Språkvitenskap 
> Universitetet i Tromsø
> +47 776 46340
> elisabeth.scheller at uit.no

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