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Wed Oct 31 17:14:28 UTC 2012

Dear all,

Thank you for a very interesting discussion and all the facts and figures once again!

Merlijn wrote:

> The criterium of speaker identity is problematic because it's perfectly
> possible to have a historically distinct language which does not coincide
> with a distinct identity or which is not even consistently distinguished
> from
> a closely related variety by its speakers. My impression is that this is
> the
> case with Votic with Votic-Ingrian bilinguals.

Just to remind how little new there is under the sun, I recall that in the foreword of his ”Vatjan kielen Kukkosin murteen sanakirja” (‘Dictionary of the Kukkosi dialect of Vote’), Lauri Posti cites his informants (in the 1930s, I guess) telling him something like “vasta nyt müö kuulemma müö olemma vad'd'alaisii”, i.e. ‘it was not until now that we’re hearing we’re Votes’. (I don’t have the book at hand, I’m citing from memory only, in an ad-hoc Finnic koiné. I suppose the quote is from Kukkosi, and the result was the dictionary of Vote, no doubt...)

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