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Dear list members,

although this workshop does not focus on Scandinavian or Uralic linguistics in particular, the announcement may interest you because a few of the presentations deal with the documentation of languages from these areas.


Applying Documentary Linguistics
FRIAS, Freiburg/Germany, 22-23 November 2013


This workshop seeks to highlight practical aspects of documentary linguistics, including the application of endangered language documentation in other disciplines, and discuss its role in the field of linguistics in general.

We want to promote discussion on the pros and cons of an approach in which language documentation is considered the goal itself, and not just the methodologically and technologically improved method of data collection for theoretical linguistics and other disciplines. The core question is: should documentary linguistics simply enhance theoretical research or stand alone as its own applied field?

To promote the depth and breadth of this discussion, researchers with a variety of opinions and backgrounds as well as creators and users of language documentations from linguistics and other disciplines will participate.

The workshop was conceived of and is being carried out by Michael Rießler and Joshua Wilbur as part of the Freiburg Research Group in Saami Studies ( at the Department for Scandinavian Studies/University of Freiburg, and is one of five sponsored Junior Researcher Conferences which FRIAS is supporting in 2013.


Preliminary program:

Friday, 22nd November 2013

Block I: Achieving the Goals of Linguistic Documentation: Past, Present and Future

Peter Austin (London):
"Theory and practice of language documentation – from the 20th to the 21st century"

Ola Wennstedt (Umeå):
"Moving traditional archives into the digital age"

Block II: Technical Interfaces to Documentary Linguistics

Trond Trosterud (Tromsø):
"Computational and documentary linguistics for endangered languages"

Sabine Stoll (Zurich):
"Annotating and analyzing a longitudinal corpus to study the acquisition of an endangered language"

Daniel Alcón (Freiburg):
"Corpus access to primary linguistic data"

Workshop Dinner

Saturday, 23rd November 2013

Block III: Applying Language Documentation in Linguistics and other Disciplines

Florian Stammler (Rovaniemi):
"Documenting oral history of the Soviet Arctic coastal inhabitants: how anthropologists embed life histories as oral texts in wider field contexts"

Johanna Domokos (Bielefeld):
"Investigating literacy genres of orally transmitted indigenous languages"

Alexandra Lavrillier (Versailles):
"Language documentation and applied anthropological research: experience from Evenk nomadic schools"

Block IV: Optimizing language documentation corpora

Christian Mair (Freiburg):
"Development of digital infrastructures and language documentation: Perspectives in CLARIN-D"

Rolf Kailuweit (Freiburg):

David Nathan (London):
"Archiving 2.0 and social media" 

Final discussion


For more information please contact the conference secretary Silke Trötschel <silke.troetschel at>.


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Dr. Michael Rießler
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Freiburger Arbeitsgruppe zur Saamischen Forschung

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