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Dear Uralists,

Since the launch of the open-access version of Sámi dieđalaš áigečála about a year ago, the editors have been happy to observe that surprisingly many of our daily online readers are located extra muros, and notably at various locations famous for Finno-Ugric departments and the like. Therefore I would like to inform the list that the belated issues of 2013 are now online at http://aigecala.no/ – see TOCs below.

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Sámi dieđalaš áigečála 2/2013

Lene Antonsen
Čállinmeattáhusaid guorran<http://site.uit.no/aigecala/sda-2-2013-lene-antonsen/>
Tracking misspellings

Gunvor Guttorm
Lánjáid stellen – duddjoma ovdánahttinbargu fenomenologalaš geahčastagas<http://site.uit.no/aigecala/sda-2-2013-gunvor-guttorm/>
Of young birch – duodji research and artistic work in a phenomenological perspective

Sámi dieđalaš áigečála 1/2013

Marjatta Jomppanen
Koloratiivakonstrukšuvdna Hans Aslak Guttorma girjjiin – davvisámegiela koloratiivakonstrukšuvnna veardádallan suomagielain<http://site.uit.no/aigecala/sda1-2013-marjatta-jomppanen-hans-aslak-guttorma-girjjiin-davvisamegiela-koloratiivakonstruksuvnna-veardadallan-suomagielain/>
Colorative construction in the works of Hans Aslak Guttorm

Johan Klemet Hætta Kalstad
ČSV – sámi nationalisttaid dahje sámenašuvnna doaimmalaččaid muitun<http://site.uit.no/aigecala/sda-1-2013-johan-klemet-haetta-kalstad-csv-sami-nationalisttaid-dahje-samenasuvnna-doaimmalaccaid-muitun/>
Remembering ČSV – Saami nationalists or Saami political entrepreneurs

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