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Maybe interesting for somebody: 

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 		Joint PhD call

 		05-01-2016 15:28

 		Thierry Poibeau <thierry.poibeau at ens.fr>

 		Gerson Stefan Klumpp <gerson.klumpp at ut.ee>

I am a specialist of natural language processing (i.e. with computers)
and I am currently studying Finnish in Paris and have a growing interest
in Uralic languages, although I am not a specialist myself. I should
have this Spring a student working on NLP methods for lexical
acquisition in Finnish (i.e. to acquire directly information on the
subcategorization of verbs from raw corpora and reconsider for example
the distinction between arguments and adjuncts as a continuum rather
than a clear-cut distinction. I have already explored this technique for
other languages so the work is mostly an adaptation to Finnish). There
is a growing interest for Finno-Ugric languages in my lab and I would be
happy to develop some collaboration. Purely linguistic subjects are also
welcome if the student is quite autonomous and could work in
collaboration with experts in the field (which is also the goal of this
The call is here: http://www.sorbonne-paris-cite.fr/fr/inspire [1] 

The key point is to have an interested student who has a Master or will
obtain his Master degree before June 2016. The deadline to apply is
January 15 and the documents needed from the candidate are mainly, a
research project, a letter of motivation, a CV and a transcript. I know
it is a very short notice but I only recently learnt about this call
even if it is supposed to have been issued in November. The grant covers
3 years of study and some travel fundings (to travel between the two
universities concerned with the supervision but not for field work for
example). The student must spend his time between the two host
institutions (but more than 50% of its time should be spent in France --
it is not required to speak French but a good command of English is

Best regards, 

Thierry Poibeau 

Gerson Klumpp
Soome-ugri keelte professor
Tartu Ülikool
Eesti ja üldkeeleteaduse instituut
Soome-ugri osakond
Jakobi 2/415
EE-51014 Tartu

[1] http://www.sorbonne-paris-cite.fr/fr/inspire
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