[Ura-list] FYI: Saami Linguistics Online

Ylikoski Jussi jussi.ylikoski at uit.no
Tue May 3 16:11:41 UTC 2016

Dear Colleagues,

I and my son Ali have - as a part of his middle school "practical vocational orientation" (praktisk yrkesorientering) - just recently created the website Saami Linguistics Online at https://saamilinguistics.wordpress.com for the benefit of all students and researchers of Saami and Uralic linguistics.

The site provides a large collection of various publications in Saami linguistics that are in the public domain (1650-1937), as well as links to contemporary major works and other linguistic resources made available elsewhere on the Internet.

If you are able to provide more material or links to be added to the site or any other suggestions whatsoever, all help and comments are very welcome.

Best regards,


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