[Ura-list] Symposium on the Saami languages and literatures

Jussi Ylikoski jussi.ylikoski at oulu.fi
Mon Sep 24 05:47:40 EDT 2018

Dear Uralists,

The symposium "Sámegiela ja sámi girjjálašvuođa symposia" will take place in Oulu in November (13–)14–16, 2018. The program of the symposium contains two invited lectures, 28 other talks as well as two workshops – everything in Saami languages: http://www.oulu.fi/giellagas/programma2018

The languages of the symposium are all the Saami languages, and everyone is welcome to join the symposium by registering themselves by September 28 at symposia2018 at lists.oulu.fi<mailto:symposia2018 at lists.oulu.fi>.

Bures boahtin Oului!



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