[Ura-list] FYI: Pekka Sammallahti: Láidehus sámegiela jietnadatoahpa dutkamii

Jussi Ylikoski jussi.ylikoski at oulu.fi
Fri Aug 23 07:33:05 EDT 2019

Dear colleagues,

I am glad to inform you about the publication of Pekka Sammallahti's Láidehus sámegiela jietnadatoahpa dutkamii ('An introduction to North Saami phonology'), Publications of the Giellagas Institute 19, available in print (20 euro) and online at http://jultika.oulu.fi/Record/isbn978-952-62-2257-8 .

Although written in a lesser-known language, I sincerely recommend the book to all Uralists as one of the most comprehensive phonological descriptions ever presented in Uralic linguistics.

Best regards,


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