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Dear colleagues,

A new issue of the journal "Ural-Altaic Studies" has recently been
published. The full text is available at
The contents is provided below (English versions of the titles).

For more information on the journal, including the submission
procedure, please consult

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our
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CONTENTS No 2 (33) 2019

Anna I. Bobrova, Anna A. Loktionova. Technological methods of making
the Chulym Turks’ and Southern Selkups’ birchbark products in the 17th
century: archaeological and ethnographic parallels

Galina I. Varlamova, Maria P. Dyakonova. New data on the folklore of
the Evenki of China: stories about the creation of the world

Egor V. Kashkin. Khanty manuscript “Sacred History” (Tobolsk, 1900):
nominal morphology

Sergei V. Kovylin. “Conversations about the True God and True Faith in
the Dialect of the Ob Ostyaks” (1900), St. Macarius: pronoun, adverb,
adjective, numeral, postpositions, particles and preverbs

Sofia A. Oskolskaya, Natalia M. Stoynova. Some changes in the noun
paradigm of Ulcha under the language shift

Vera I. Podlesskaya, Valentina A. Ozolina. Clause-combining in
Japanese oral and written narrative discourse: a corpus-based research
on syntactic complexity

Zarema N. Ekba, Yulia V. Normanskaya, Ramilya N. Karimova. Three
dialects in Alexander Bessonov's “ABC book for the Bashkirs”

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