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Raj, leaving for Japan this weekend. Here is my contact address.
[From Sept  1, 1999-August 30, 2000]

email: tkbhatia at

Professor Tej K. Bhatia
Institute for the study of Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
4-51-21 Nishigahara, Kita-Ku
Tokyo 114-8580

Tel: 81-3-3917-6111
Fax: 81-3-5974-3838

Home Adress:
Tej K. Bhatia
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
International Hall
Room no: 403
3-8-12 Nishi-ogu, Arakawa-ku
Tokyo 116-0011

See you in Tokyo.

Tej K. Bhatia
Professor of Linguistics
Chancellor's Exceptional Academic Exellence Professor
312 HBC, Syracuse University
Syracuse, New York 13244-1160
email: tkbhatia at
Tel: 315-443-5374 (off.)
Fax: 315-443-5376

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