Delhi Hindi(s)

Fri Jul 16 01:19:39 UTC 1999

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 Hi all,

 I am looking for information/pointers regarding any systematic
 sociolinguistic or other study of Delhi varieties of Hindi--which ones
 these are, and whether one can refer to these by some cover term (such as
 "Delhi Hindi").

 Singh and Agnihotri (Hindi Morphology, MLBD publishers, New Delhi, 1997)
 briefly discuss "zabaan e-dehlavi" around the reign of Aurangzeb, but I am
 looking for answers to questions like the following:

 1.  Are there clear sub-varieties of Hindi spoken in Delhi today?  What
 are they called?

 2.  In Delhi, Hindi is spoken as a "native" language (whatever that means
 in the Indian context) by many people whose parents spoke/speak, say,
 Punjabi, Sindhi, or some other language.  Are these speakers regarded as
 part of the group speaking some representative variety of "Delhi Hindi"?

 3.  Do close-by areas like Kurukshetra also count as lying in the "western
 Hindi dialect" group (that is how one paper desribes Delhi Hindi)?

 There are some references in Singh and Agnihotri's book, and I will look
 for others, but I would greatly appreciate it if the specialists among you
 could share your insights.

 Many thanks in advance,

Shravan Vasishth

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