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here<s the TOC for The Yearbook of South Asian Languages and
Linguistics-1999( about to be released(august,1999):

bashir,The urdu and hindi postposition ne
kelkar,what has bhartrihari got to say on language
palaschke and dressler, middle indic aspirate formation
bhattacharya:specificity in the bangla DP
sahoo:the syntax of definiteness in oriya
wiltshire: expressives in tamil
yadava: the complexity of maithili verb agreement
reports and reviews

regional reports

india(english in india):agnihotri

review article

ikome: dehegemonizing language standards


breton reviewed by annamalai
dayal reviewed by kidwai
khubchandani reviewed by montgomery
singh reviewed by patel
singh and agnihotri reviewed by gaeffke
wali and koul reviewed by bhatt

bayer:a reply to bhattacharya
saleemi: a response ( to dasgupta)
singh and dasgupta:on socalled compounds

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