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Edited by Yogendra P Yadava & Warren W Glover

This volume incorporates linguistic studies made by both Nepali and international scholars. It is a collection of work by over thirty contributors who have made in-depth study of language in the Himalayan kingdom. The linguistic and cultural diversity that is such a prominent aspect of this country has attracted many scholars. Since its inception the Royal Nepal Academy has served as a centre for the study of the arts and cultures of Nepal. The Academy has published many works in pursuit of its goal of preserving the cultures of Nepal and enriching scientific knowledge. The current volume is another worthy contribution to the Academy's publication programme.

The contributions in the volume are quite diverse, and are grouped according to the area of linguistics they address, viz. field description, phonology, morphophonology, morphology and syntax, historical and comparative linguistics, sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics, and contrastive studies (see over for contents.)


Yogendra P Yadava is professor of linguistics at Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, and a member at the Royal Nepal Academy engaged in the study of Nepalese languages. Warren W Glover commenced field research in Nepal on the Gurung language in 1967 and has served since 1996 with the Royal Nepal Academy as a consultant in computational linguistics.

ROYAL NEPAL ACADEMY, Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Nepal
Fax: +977(1)221175

Paper: NRs 680 US$19.95 

1999. 624 pages, 9.75 x 7.25 inches


Preface by the Editors g About the contributors g Field Description: Bujheli and Chepang: relationship and differences Ross Caughley g Dhimal Kathrin Cooper g "How we observe Dasain": a procedural discourse in Gurung Warren Glover g Phonology: Tonal contrasts in Sherpa Stephen A Watters g The inclusion of aspiration in distinctive feature theory Sunil Kumar Jha g Morphophonology: Phonesthetic elements In Nepali Ballabh Mani Dahal g Verb pairs in Jirel Esther Strahm & Anita Maibaum g Nepali morphophonology Gilles Boyé g Morphophonological rules in Magar Subhadra Subba Dahal g Morphology and syntax: Clitic versus affix: Maithili e and o Ramawatar Yadav g Compound verbs in Nepali Madhav Pokharel g The Limbu verb revisited George van Driem g Relativization in Tibetan Scott DeLancey g Raising from a tensed clause and linguistic theory: evidence from Maithili Yogendra P Yadava g Nominalization and focus in some Kiranti languages Balthasar Bickel g On the senses of the Newar conjunctive participle aÓ Austin Hale & Kedar Shrestha g The Nepali subordinated verb John Peterson g Nonfinite verbs in Kiranti languages - an areal perspective Karen Ebert g Converbal constructions in Chantyal Michael Noonan g Historical and comparative linguistics: Verb agreement in Classical Newar and Modern Newar dialects Tej R Kansakar g The profane names of the sacred hill K P Malla g Whence Thangmi? Historical ethnography and comparative morphology Mark Turin g Tibeto-Burman dental suffixes: evidence from Limbu (Nepal) Boyd Michaelovsky g Internal reconstruction and comparative evidence of the long vowels in Kulung Gerard W Tolsma g Anomalous conjugation of copulas, development of tense morphmes and loss of agreement prefixes Tej Man Angdembe g Sociolinguistics/Psycholinguistics: Language of instruction and approach to learning: a Nepalese investigation David Watkins and Murari Regmi g Social stratification and linguistic behaviour in Sinjali society C M Bandhu g Variation in agreement in the Nepali finite verb Carol Genetti g The language development - language promotion tension: a case study from Limbu Jeff Webster g Contrastive studies: The sounds of English and Nepali Shishir K Sthapit g A comparative componential analysis of some Nepali and English verbs Shanti Basnyat g A typological comparison of Nepali and Japanese Sueyoshi Toba

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