30th Annual Conference on South Asia

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** Call for Proposals for the 30th Annual Conference on South Asia **

The Program Committee for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for
South Asia is now soliciting proposals for complete panels, single papers,
round tables, poster sessions, photo exhibits and documentary films to be
presented at the 30th Annual Conference on South Asia on October 18-21, 2001
on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.  Proposals will be accepted
from a wide variety of disciplines.  Priority will be given to new and
innovative research and new participants in the conference.  The deadline
(firm) for proposals is May 15, 2001.

This conference attracts 500+ scholars and other interested parties
annually, and features about 70 academic panels and roundtables. It also
features a pre-conference, association meetings, and various special events
& exhibits.

Please visit our Conference web site for complete information on
participating and registration.

Also available on the Conference Web site is information on:

*       reserving meeting rooms during the conference

*       reserving display space for your non-profit organization

*       reserving display or sales space for your publishing company or
other venture related to the scholarship of South Asia

Conference URL: http://www.wisc.edu/southasia/conf/

Thank you,

Chrissy Colby, Conference Coordinator
UW-Madison Center for South Asia
www.wisc.edu/southasia/ <http://www.wisc.edu/southasia/>

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