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Dear VYAKARAN list members!

I would just like to let you know that I will be away from my office (and
with that, away from my computer!) from February 7 until April 2, 2001. If
you have any questions concerning VYAKARAN, please send these to Tej or to
me at the following address:

johnpetede at yahoo.de

Please note that I will NOT be able to access my usual email account (this
address) while I am away.

If you do write to me, please be patient, as I do not yet know how often I
will have access to email in Ranchi.

John Peterson

John Peterson
FB 7, Sprachwissenschaft
D-49069 Osnabrueck
Tel: (+49) 541-969-4252
Fax: (+49) 541-969-4256
Email: jpeterso at uni-osnabrueck.de

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