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Pacific Linguistics will soon launch a sub-series entitled Pacific
Linguistics Shorter Grammars, devoted to languages of Aboriginal
Australia, New Guinea, the Pacific and southeast Asia, as well as
minority languages of northeast, east and south Asia. Linguists are
invited to submit manuscripts or proposals for manuscripts they would
like to prepare for this sub-series.

Many linguists have collected substantial materials on one or other
language in this region which are, however, not sufficient to allow
them to write a full reference grammar. The goal of Pacific
Linguistics Shorter Grammars is encourage linguists to publish
descriptions of endangered and other languages which are not full
reference grammars but which provide data in a well analysed and well
presented form that others should have access to.

Pacific Linguistics Shorter Grammars will have the same format as
other PL publications, will range between about eighty and 250
pages, and will normally contain phonology, morphosyntax and a text
or two, as well as a vocabulary if available. (PL will continue to
publish reference grammars. These  usually have 300-500 pages).

We will endeavour, as always, to ensure that our pricing is
competitive. Proofreading and copy-editing are two of the most
expensive components of the budget for a PL book, and we are
endeavouring to keep these costs to a minimum. To this end, we will
rely heavily on authors to ensure the correctness of submitted mss
and proofreading their manuscript before it is printed.

Malcolm Ross
For the Editorial Board of Pacific Linguistics
Dr Malcolm D. Ross
Senior Fellow
Department of Linguistics
Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies
Australian National University

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