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France Mugler mugler_f at USP.AC.FJ
Wed Jun 13 02:12:43 UTC 2001

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  Dear members of the  list:

I am looking for references on descriptive work on Mauritian Tamil.

I am aware of  some of the sociolinguistic work on Mauritius, also
some of the work on Mauritian Creole or Bhojpuri or general
historical work on Indians in Mauritius which may include some
information on Tamil (Baker, Stein,Domingue,  Rao and Sharma:
Benedict, Hazareesingh, Beejadhur, Bhuckory; also Barz and Siegel,
and Bhatia on transplanted Asian languages; and  Sooriamoorthy on the
Tamils of Mauritius ) but no descriptive work on Mauritian Tamil so

Also, does anyone know whether the following two have what I'm
looking for. I don't have access to them:

Unmole, H., ed. 1984. Proceedings, national seminar on the language
issue in Mauritius. Reduit: University of Mauritius.

International Conference-Seminar of Tamil Studies (7th : 1989 : Mauritius)
Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference-Seminar of Tamil
Studies, Mauritius, December 1989 / edited by S. Rajaram ... [et
al.]. Mauritius : International Association of Tamil Research, 1995-

Finally, I'm aware of the bibliography on Mauritius on the South
Asian diaspora site, have checked the  library of congress, Linguist
List archives, LABs and other things I can't remember, and  I am
aware of the MGI Institute in Mauritius (who didn't have a website
yet the  last time  I checked).

Any pointers will be appreciated.

apologies for cross-postings


France  Mugler
Associate Professor in Linguistics
University of the South Pacific
Suva, Fiji Islands

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