Languages of Kohistan by Rensch, Decker & Hallberg

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Dear colleagues,

This is the first of two book announcements.


Joan Baart

Title: Languages of Kohistan
Series Title: Sociolinguistic Survey of Northern Pakistan,
Volume 1

Year of First Publication: 1992
Second Printing: 2002

Publishers: National Institute of Pakistan Studies,
Islamabad, and Summer Institute of Linguistics

Author: Calvin R. Rensch
Author: Sandra J. Decker
Author: Daniel G. Hallberg

Paperback: ISBN: 969-8023-11-9, Pages: xxii+263

The report on the Sociolinguistic Survey of Northern
Pakistan, carried out by SIL researchers in cooperation with
the Ministry of Culture, Government of Pakistan, and several
Pakistani institutions between 1986 and 1991, was first
published in 1992 in five volumes. These volumes have been
out of print for some time, but a reprint is currently being
undertaken. Volume 1, which deals with the languages of Dir,
Swat and Indus Kohistan, is now off the press.

Contents of this volume:
Patterns of language use among the Kohistanis of the Swat
Valley--by Calvin R. Rensch
Ushojo--by Sandra J. Decker
The languages of Indus Kohistan--by Daniel G. Hallberg

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