Hunza Culture--Second Edition by Willson

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Title: A Look at Hunza Culture; Second Edition.
Series Title: Studies in Languages of Northern Pakistan,
Volume 3.

Year of Publication: 2002 (first edition 1999).

Publishers: National Institute of Pakistan Studies,
Islamabad, and Summer Institute of Linguistics.

Author: Stephen R. Willson.

Paperback: ISBN: 969-8023-16-X, Pages: xvi+336.

Nestled high in the majestic Karakoram mountains of
northern Pakistan lies the land of Hunza, and its people,
the Hunzakuts. Only a few decades ago, Hunza was almost
inaccessible except for the most intrepid traveller. Partly
because of its remoteness, Hunza gained an almost mythical
reputation as 'the land that time forgot', a place of
eternal health, long life, and happiness. Modern-day Hunza
may have lost some of its past mystique, but it still has a
special charm and uniqueness that makes it unforgettable to
the visitor.

This book is about Hunza, its people, and their culture.
Both the current culture as well as some of the more
important customs of the past are described. A minimum of
anthropological jargon is used. On the other hand, a wealth
of Burushaski terms, phrases, and sometimes full sentences
and paragraphs are quoted, with English translations. This
work updates and complements work of earlier students of
Hunza culture such as D.L.R. Lorimer and H. Sidky.

This second edition includes many corrections as well as
some additional information as compared to the first

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