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Fri Apr 11 01:48:24 UTC 2003

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This is a query regarding the use of the Hindi word kaTna (and/or the
related 'cut' in English) in the context of kite fighting. (I hope
there are kite fighting enthusiasts on the list...). According to an
article  in South, it is used in this way: (a pecha or
'tangle' is apparently a single bout of kite fighting):

>The Pecha involves a series of "pulls" or "releases" of the line
>flying the kite. As the kite weaves and dives and serenades in the
>  blue sky the lines are busy cutting each other until finally the
>stronger line cuts the other kite’s line . This is the moment when
>  the shouts of "Bo-Kata" or "Woh-Kata" literally meaning "there it’s
>cut ..." or "knock-out" .

I'd like to know whether there is any other form of the word used in
the context of kite fighting, in particular any form similar to
[kaTem] or [kadem] (which otherwise might be derived from Eng. 'cut

Thank you.

France Mugler
AP Linguistics
University of the South Pacific
Fiji Islands

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