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Ian Smith iansmith at YORKU.CA
Tue Oct 28 19:26:29 UTC 2003

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My department expects to offer introductory and intermediate level Hindi language courses beginning in Sept. 2004.  I have been asked to recommend suitable textbooks.  Since I haven't taught Hindi for over 20 years, I am requesting assistance/advice from the Vyakaran community, particularly from those who can assess the advantages and disadvantages of particular materials.  (Now I regret not attending the pedagogical sessions at SALA earlier this month!)  The intro course will be for students with less than basic knowledge of the language; the intermediate course will serve those with a basic knowledge (assessed through a placement test); this would include both heritage language speakers and non-heritage learners.  (I know this is asking for trouble, but it ain't my idea.)

Rather than clutter everyone's mailbox with replies, please reply directly to me at iansmith at
If other Vyakaran subscribers are interested, I will happily post a list of the recommendations I receive.

Ian Smith
Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics
York University

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