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Dear list members,

I would like announce the following publication on
behalf of Prof. Dr. A. Wezler the Director-General of


Preliminary List of Manuscripts, Blockprints and
Historical Documents Microfilmed by the NGMPP (Part 1:
Indic materials, Part 2: Tibetan Materials)

The Preliminary Title List of all manuscripts and
blockprints filmed by the NGMPP has now been
published, in two parts, in digitized form in order to
provide scholars throughout the world with immediate
access to information about the manuscripts
microfilmed. The first part covers materials in
Sanskrit, Nepali, Newari, and other Indian languages
excluding historical documents when the second part
covers a little less than one-third of the Tibetan
The “list” was compiled on the basis of the so-called
“index cards” made for each and every manuscript
microfilmed by the NGMPP, not on the basis of the
microfilms themselves. This implies that it includes
only the information found on these cards, such as
Title, Author, No. of Folios, State, Size, Script,
Language, Material, Date (if dated), Reel No. etc. But
the electronic form in which the “list” is being
published offers various possibilities of searching
for titles or names, thus enabling the user to find
the right entry/entries without difficulty.
The experts of different branches of Indology in
Kathmandu as well as in Hamburg are preparing a
descriptive catalogue of the texts in the microfilms,
and by now, a catalogue of nearly 1700 texts has been
prepared. Once a considerable number of manuscripts
are thus catalogued, it will be published in the
worldwide web together with the preliminary Title
The CD now available contains a documentation of the
programme itself, an explanation of the many
abbreviations used and all necessary help, and also a
runtime version of Microsoft Access. The programme can
be run in computers with Windows 98/NT or higher and
Microsoft Access 2000 or higher. This programme does
not work in Japanese Windows and it is hoped that a CD
with the programme for Japanese Windows will be
available in the very near future.

Those interested in obtaining a copy of the CD(s)
please contact us in Kathmandu or our Hamburg staff in
the following address:

Hereby I also would like to request scholars in the
list to send a note to our Hamburg staff if you are
using/editing NGMPP material or used/edited in the
past so that we could publish the information in our

Nepalese-German Manuscript Cataloguing Project
Abt. fuer Kultur und Geschichte Indiens und Tibets
Universitaet Hamburg
Neue Rabenstr. 3
20354 Hamburg
Tel. 040-42838-6267
Email: indologie at


Diwakar Acharya
Representative/Local Director
Nepalese-German Manuscript Cataloguing Project
Nepal Research Centre
PoB 180 Kathmandu
Tel.: +977 1 44 30888
        +977 1 44 20855
Fax: +977 1 44 42248

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