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Dear Colleagues,

I'm in the process of writing  a regional report on SA languages and
linguistics in North America. The report will include linguistic
research on South Asian languages which has appeared since 2001, and
was conducted by scholars residing in North America.

I would be grateful if you could send me the following information:

1. The bibliographic details of your published works on South Asian
languages and linguistics since 2001.
2. Some salient features your findings.

Work on any South Asian language and from any branch of linguistics -
sociolinguistics, descriptive, theoretical, historical,
pedagogical/second language acquisition--is welcome.

Please email me directly:
tkbhatia at syr.edu

Thanks very much for your consideration.

Tej Bhatia
Tej K. Bhatia
Linguistics & Cognitive Sciences

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Syracuse, New York 13244-1160
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